February 5, 2018

Valentine's Day in Montreal!

Valentine's Day is a few days away, so here I am with some ideas for your romantic day in Montreal.  I've also been debating between a visit at the Hotel William Gray or  Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, which one do you all prefer?

First off, I would start with a relaxing couples massage at the new Moment Spa in Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth. I swung by on Saturday to check out their recently renovated spa and had a peek at their pool area. They currently have a Valentine's Day promotion for two at 209$ which includes the following:

2 Relaxing Massages with precious oils
Tea break
Access to water facilities*

Promo ends on February 19th 2018.

Or perhaps I should head out to the romantic Old Port in Montreal and visit the Hotel William Gray which everyone has been ranting about on Instagram. For your romantic staycation, the "Be Williams Valentine" package is offered, it includes:

In-room breakfast
Access for 2 to Spa William Gray’s Thermal Circuit
1 bottle of champagne
Sweets selection

Promo ends on February 28th 2018

If you simply just want to go the spa and enjoy the thermal circuit at Spa William Gray for 60$ per person, that is also a great option as this will include a Himalayan salt room, herbal sauna, experiential showers etc. As a perk for Valentine's Day,  they will offer you a voucher for a free visit to the thermal circuit upon your next return.

Looking for Valentine's day gifts? Here are some of my ideas!

Funny Valentine Cards at BeyGoodco from Toronto

For the man who's an avid traveler, beach goer, boating aficionado or simply enjoys the modern good life, Scandinavian brand SWIMS offers great loafer options in the deep red colorway for Valentine's Day.

Available on HarryRosen.com as well as on SWIMS.com notable loafer options include the Braided Lace Loafer in Deep Red/Navy, the Penny Loafer in Deep Red/Navy and the Breeze Lace Loafer in Deep Red/Navy/White.

For the gentlemen out there, why not get your lovely lady some eternal roses from MFLEURS MTL? I got some last Valentine's Day and they lasted a year long.

For the fashionista that lives in a cold city like Montreal, I recommend these luxury mits, they will keep her hands warm. 

Mitaines Expéditions Kanuk

Where to dine on Valentine's Day?

Dinner at Restaurant Xo read my full review here

Than walk a few minutes over to Le Bremner  for their delicious pancakes.

My fave Valentine's memory is when I spent it in a GLASS HOUSE in Amsterdam, see my blog post here.

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day?

January 24, 2018

A Blogger's Weekend in Montreal...

Blogging is one of my passions, and I enjoy offering honest reviews to my readers. This past weekend, I had a few places to blog in Montreal, so I took my "Instagram boyfriend" along with me and we had a good time.  However let's just say nothing turned out to be a gleaming 5 star review. 

Hence, here I am with my realistic reviews for your discovery.

I've been to Espace Nomad for a couples pedicure on my birthday, I was invited to come back for a complimentary Bali style manicure to check out their updated services. I had an awesome chat with their esthetician while getting my nails done, she is a ray of sunshine. 

The interior of Espace Nomad has a hippie chic vibe which is really cute. One of the disappointing aspects of my manicure was that it was done on a pillow, which is quite uncomfortable in terms of stability. I think if they got tables on wheels with adjustable height that would be so much better. I mean even the nail dryer is put on your lap, I was dying of heat lol. 

And than after a few hours, the vegan nail polish was coming off in large pieces, so that was really bad. I just took off my winter coat and pieces started shedding. The brand they use at Espace Nomad is Spa Rituals which is non toxic polish. I mean when I had my pedicure back in June 2017, it lasted long enough. However comparing a mani to a pedi is different in context. 

Afterwards, a quick stop at Brioche à Tête for a small breakfast, the croissants were hard and inedible. I used to go there every weekend as I used to work nearby, however I think they changed their croissant recipe. Although, the brioche was very good at least.

At the moment, Happening Gourmand is in full effect in the city, we chose to check out Brasserie 701 for this event, as their brunch menu was the most enticing. My chicken & waffles breakfast was delicious, however the service was very odd. Our waitress took over 25 mins to bring us maple syrup, secondly she served us our bill while forgetting our third course. 

When we asked her for our maple syrup, she said: "I asked the kitchen staff for it and I can't do anything about it."

That was a bust, however management apologized with free mimosas and a cupcake. 

Later on, we went to the Barbie Expo in Les Cours Mont-Royal, it's so adorable. There are over 1000 barbies featured in the museum.

Last task of the weekend, photo shooting for UK Swimwear at home in our Jacuzzi with my fave glass of red wine. Read my full review here

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January 18, 2018


I spent my holidays in Europe and it was such a delight. I had been dying to go to the Champagne region in France and visit "La Maison Veuve Clicquot" to tour their famous cellars. And so, I finally checked it off my list and it was memorable.

After a few days of touring Paris, we drove to the Champagne Region which was about 2 hours away and made it to Reims, France. Upon arriving to the Veuve Clicquot headquarters, we were kindly greeted and paired with an adorable tour guide that took us through the 1 hour experience which ended with a glass of Yellow Label.

We went into the cave, walked 24 meters underground to attain the oasis of bottles. Our guide gave us an insider into Madame Clicquot's challenging life as well as  a thorough explanation on the process of making Champagne. The process is very long with massive attention to detail, that is why it is such a luxury. 

If you plan on going to visit their cellars, dress warm and wear flats as their are many stairs to go through. It's a very cool experience, we got to see the oldest bottle of Veuve Clicquot which was found on an old sunken ship. 

As a sweet ending, you get to sip a glass of Veuve in their brightly colored lounge and you can also do some shopping in their gift store. They have "Veuve Clicquot" pillows, umbrellas, aprons etc and of course bottles! You can book a tour by clicking here.

It was my second time in France, and of course while I was in Paris I had to do a few "errands".

Stopping by Polette Eyewear to finally get my prescription corrected, it's a LONG story, I will blog it soon lol.

Shopping at Galeries Lafayette

I also went for an afternoon tea at Mariage Frères, they have a  large selection of teas from around the world. They have many locations in Paris, however I chose this one because it had the better reviews and a nicer interior. (Address: 13 rue des Grands Augustins) After going there for a tea, you can easily walk to the Notre-Dame Basilica which is about 10 mins away.

The service was impressive, we were served by these young french males dressed all in white who had a very quiet however friendly demeanor. So, of course I ordered the cake covered in 24 Carats of gold leaf, I had to see why there was such a buzz on Instagram! 

The cake was very "rich" in taste, it's a chocolate marbled cake infused with tea, festive spices, hazelnuts and orange bits...I could not finish it because it was too sweet, next time, i'll try their cheesecake. 

Btw, I did not plan to match with their walls, that just happened. My jacket is a gorgeous find from the salvation army, so is the mirror brooch. However my beautiful gloves are my mother's, she bought them 30 years ago. 

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Aurevoir France!