March 9, 2018


One of my resolutions for 2018 was to read more, so I managed to get through 3 books in February. Here are my reviews on the following books. What books are you reading lately? Please share your favorite reads with me!

If you are into fashion and the real housewives reality shows, this book could be for you. This is an auto-biography of Maria Dominick, former model and socialite at her prime in the 1970's. From her  humble beginnings in Brazil to her tumultuous yet glam life in New York and other fashion capitals, she recounts her emotionless married life. It's actually entertaining but in the end, you kind of don't feel bad for her. There are way bigger problems in life than what she complains about.

Night by Elie Wiesel

As a Holocaust survivor, Elie recounts his horrible experience in the Auschwitz concentration camp, the death of his family and of his innocence. There are really no words to describe this book, just read it. I rate this book 5 stars, I had to buy it on Amazon after returning my library copy.

"La femme qui fuit" (The woman who ran away) by Anais Barbeau-Lavalette:

 This is a french book also available in English, under the name "Suzanne".  All her life, Anais noticed that her grandmother was never in her mother's life and never made an effort to be part of it. After the death of her unknown grandma, Anais is curious and decides to find out who exactly was this lady and why did she not take care of her children? Her grandmother was Suzanne, a lady who lived life on the edge which got her in a lot of trouble. This is a true story.

Any good book suggestions for me? Comment down below.

February 21, 2018

Ice Fishing near Montreal!

I was eager to go Ice fishing for a very long time, so I rounded up my favorite people and we headed to Parc Mille Îles (45 mins from Montreal) to do what they call "Pêche Blanche" in Quebec. We reserved 4 weeks in advance and were lucky to get a spot as this is a popular activity in the winter. 

So we booked, the turnkey ice fishing package which includes the following:

An 8’ x 8’ ice fishing cabin

A woodstove


10 tip-ups and bait

10 pre-drilled holes

A skimmer

A trunk for transport

For details on pricing, click here

It was a lot of fun, however we did not catch a fish! Ice fishing is much more challenging than I imagined. You literally have to be monitoring your drilled holes the whole time in order to be prepared for a potential catch. Of course, we were busy chatting, snacking and snowshoeing, therefore some fish ate the bait and managed to get away. I do believe that having larger hooks would have made a big difference, I will get my own for next time. 

We booked half a day of fishing, perhaps if we booked the whole day we would have caught one? Patience is key when ice fishing, there are many techniques and factors that play into this hobby, nonetheless, next year we plan on going back with more expertise. 

As it is a lengthy activity, I prepared some snacks for us. On the menu we had grilled cheese sandwiches with Gouda cheese, waffles with Canadian maple syrup, apples and of course a bottle of rosé. 

Our purple cabin was so adorable and perfect to warm up in, although I was warmly dressed with my snow pants and my Icebreaker thermal wear made of merino wool, my brother got me this set for Christmas. If you need good quality underwear for a ski trip or ice fishing, check out Icebreaker

 My first time snowshoeing, not bad! 

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February 5, 2018

Valentine's Day in Montreal!

Valentine's Day is a few days away, so here I am with some ideas for your romantic day in Montreal.  I've also been debating between a visit at the Hotel William Gray or  Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, which one do you all prefer?

First off, I would start with a relaxing couples massage at the new Moment Spa in Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth. I swung by on Saturday to check out their recently renovated spa and had a peek at their pool area. They currently have a Valentine's Day promotion for two at 209$ which includes the following:

2 Relaxing Massages with precious oils
Tea break
Access to water facilities*

Promo ends on February 19th 2018.

Or perhaps I should head out to the romantic Old Port in Montreal and visit the Hotel William Gray which everyone has been ranting about on Instagram. For your romantic staycation, the "Be Williams Valentine" package is offered, it includes:

In-room breakfast
Access for 2 to Spa William Gray’s Thermal Circuit
1 bottle of champagne
Sweets selection

Promo ends on February 28th 2018

If you simply just want to go the spa and enjoy the thermal circuit at Spa William Gray for 60$ per person, that is also a great option as this will include a Himalayan salt room, herbal sauna, experiential showers etc. As a perk for Valentine's Day,  they will offer you a voucher for a free visit to the thermal circuit upon your next return.

Looking for Valentine's day gifts? Here are some of my ideas!

Funny Valentine Cards at BeyGoodco from Toronto

For the man who's an avid traveler, beach goer, boating aficionado or simply enjoys the modern good life, Scandinavian brand SWIMS offers great loafer options in the deep red colorway for Valentine's Day.

Available on as well as on notable loafer options include the Braided Lace Loafer in Deep Red/Navy, the Penny Loafer in Deep Red/Navy and the Breeze Lace Loafer in Deep Red/Navy/White.

For the gentlemen out there, why not get your lovely lady some eternal roses from MFLEURS MTL? I got some last Valentine's Day and they lasted a year long.

For the fashionista that lives in a cold city like Montreal, I recommend these luxury mits, they will keep her hands warm. 

Mitaines Expéditions Kanuk

Where to dine on Valentine's Day?

Dinner at Restaurant Xo read my full review here

Than walk a few minutes over to Le Bremner  for their delicious pancakes.

My fave Valentine's memory is when I spent it in a GLASS HOUSE in Amsterdam, see my blog post here.

What do you have planned for Valentine's Day?