October 20, 2017

Gold Pumpkin DIY!

Autumn has to be one of my favorite seasons out of the year. Chunky sweaters, knee high boots, wool coats and pumpkin pie is my type of vibe. This fall, to celebrate our new place, we decided to decorate our front entrance with a golden theme.  

We got a few pumpkins and a bale of hay at Jean Talon market and used Krylon's metallic gold spray paint (5.49$) found at Canadian Tire to glam them up, Cinderella style. Than we hit dollarama, for some glitter glue in silver to dress up the pumpkin stems. This glitter accent adds a fancy touch and gleams in the sun. 


To dress up our display, we got some orange and silver garland branches also at dollarama. Our mini glitter pumpkins are courtesy of Home Sense, aren't they so cute? Of course, I had to add these orange perennials, that with a dash of love and creativity is the perfect arrangement to embrace the beauty of Autumn and Halloween.

Happy Halloween! 

October 10, 2017


His & Hers Thai Pedicures at Espace Nomad 

Birthday Brunch at Lili. Co (Right across from Espace Nomad)

Birthday indulgence at Kem Coba Ice cream. FYI, I got my unicorn mani at J Lounge in Chinatown.

My boyfriend surprised me with a tropical vacation, we left the following day. Jetting off to the Dominican Republic for my birthday! Read my travel post here.

Bronzing on the beach. Keyword: Coconut Oil

As a birthday gift, I received travel luggage from American Tourister from the beau, just in time for my surprise vacation, topped off with some diamond earrings from Phillipe & Co, based in Montreal. What more can I ask for? A woman can't resist diamonds and a perfect luggage set to pack her full wardrobe.

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September 14, 2017

La Samana, Dominican Republic

I'm finally back after my summer long hiatus, I can't believe it's September already. This summer has gone by so fast, the weather wasn't the greatest in Canada but luckily I left for a Caribbean adventure in the Dominican Republic.

This vacation was by far the most memorable because of the locals we met and the friendships we made along the way; a Haitian merchant named Wilson, a Swiss villa owner named Michel and two mysterious Canadian ladies living in the DR. These interesting characters and their life stories made our trip unique, by the end of the week, we felt like locals ourselves.

For me, being in the Dominican Republic was really interesting as it was the closet I've ever been to my country of origin, Haiti. I am born in Ottawa, Canada however I have never traveled to Haiti which is on my bucket list. 

The history between the Haitians and Dominicans is not peaceful. There are many Haitians working hard labor in the DR and they are seen as lower caste, they are poorly treated and highly judged. 

Sadly, I had to overhear such comments that Haitians were ugly and smelly from Dominicans and other locals in which I interjected and told them I was Haitian, than came complete silence. It was unsettling to feel the negativity towards Haitians, funny enough most locals thought I was Dominican. 

On the very bright sight, we stayed at the Grand Paradise Samana hotel for 7 days, however for an extra escape we booked an airbnb villa for 3 days at the very top of a cliff with a private infinity pool during that same week.

June was the perfect time to travel to this destination as it was quiet and not packed with tourists. Because it was down season, not all merchants were open, however we didn't mind, it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. If you like peace and quiet, travel to the DR in June, there are great deals with Air Transat. 

La Samana is absolutely gorgeous and located in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic, it is primarily known as a popular whale watching destination during the months of January-April.

The buffet at Grand Paradise Samana was actually not bad but there was a lot of fried foods, so thankfully we spent our next couple lunches/dinners at this gem of a hotel called Villa Serena. 

I am now obsessed with this place and can't wait to go back. It's a boutique style hotel that offers fresh healthy meal options. They also host yoga/detox retreats which is something I also want to try. After connecting with the manager via Instagram, I got to meet Maria and took some fabulous pictures of their landscape. I was so worried for them during Hurricane Irma, however they had minimal damage luckily! 

The best smoothie I've ever had, ordered it twice! 

We spent 3 days at this gorgeous airbnb villa admiring this view, day &  night! 

"That feeling when you made your own bikini!"

I got this swan floatie at Wal-Mart for 25$ and lugged it all the way to the DR.

At the villa, the owner also had a mini farm of animals and I got attached to this cute donkey. He was so  affectionate, it was sad to see him tied up all day but the owner said it was to prevent him from running off and getting hit by a car.

La Samana is home to many virtuous beaches that must be seen. We spent a day soaking in the beauty of the white sand beach, La Playita. Another beach to visit is Playa Rincon.

This trip was a birthday gift from my beau and it was surprise! In my next blog post, i'll share more of what I actually did on my birthday.  Follow me on instagram or twitter: @marciabcreative